Company Introduction.

Logician Technologies, established in 2011, is a private Software Development Company head quartered in India, Indore, Madhya-Pradesh. We are specializes in development and distribution of software application and Tools for Web and Mobile Application. Our solutions cover business and personal productivity, desktop publishing, Hybrid Solutions, Complex Handshakes between different level of Solutions. We Have expertise in designing High Level Architecture and Solutions designing. We Have a clear perception of the growing requirement of the corporate world in the area of IT has enabled Logician to develop programs of specific relevance for the present and the future.

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  • Business Analysis and Concept Building: Fluid Charts, Balsamiq, InVision, Wireframe-sketcher.
  • DotNet - SharePoint, C#, WPF, ASP.NET, MVC5, UWP.
  • PHP - Phalcon, Larawel, Codeigniter, ZEND, CakePHP, Symphony, Drupal, HHVM, HACK.
  • Python, Ruby On Rails, QT, Coldfusion, JAVA, Scala.
  • Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, Xamarin.
  • NodeJs, Expression, Socket.IO, AngularJS, Jasmine, karma, PM2.
  • RabbitMQ, XMPP, Forever.
  • Jenkins, Capistrano, Passenger, Docker.
  • Amazon Web services - Micro Services Architecture, elastic beanstalk, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SNS Notification.
  • Apache: Rampart, Axis2, wso2, Thrift, Solr, Hadoop, Hive, Cocoon.
  • Please Download Company Brochure for detailed In-site of the work performed by Us

    Company Features

    Logician as IT Outsourcing & Consulting, Software Development Company, core values contribute significantly to our office culture and drive excellence in everything we do—from our hiring process to our daily work to our interactions with our colleagues, partners, and customers.
    These values include the following:

    Logician Infotech Company Features

    Software Development Capabilities.

    We work in all Major Languages DotNet, PHP, Python, Qt, Mean Stack, IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Portable Hardware, Micro Services and Provide support in Business Concept Visualization, Prototyping with help of Wire frames

    Internet Of Things Software

    IOT gives user the ability to control more than digital things easily through a comfortable GUI over the internet. We are amongst the pioneers researching in the field of internet of things. We deal in Custom Hard wares as IT Outsourcing & Consulting, Software Development Company.

    Second Opinion - Technical Consultant On Hire.

    Technology Consultants are responsible for providing business, advisory and technical skills to business owners and managers. Customer liaison to Software requirements, scope and integration with existing systems. Resolve technical issues and offer proactive technical support. We Support our Customer as IT Outsourcing & Consulting, Software Development Company.

    Start-up Collaboration And Support.

    We are dedicated to supporting ideas that can help improve all our lives, with activities ranging from early–stage investment to in–depth research and practical programmes. We are looking for new Business Opportunity and IT Outsourcing works.

    Research And Development Software.

    Next-generation hardware, materials and innovative process technologies for both specific industry sectors and a wider range of manufacturing industries. We as IT Outsourcing & Consulting, Software Development Company would love to assist you.

    Bridge Hardware Support And System Integration.

    End-To-End IT solutions provider, we associate with the client right from consultation of the set-up, to procurement of material, to its installation and its maintenance.


    Logician is distinguished by a reputation for premium Software product development quality, Technical support, and customer satisfaction. We work in all Major Languages DotNet, PHP, Python, Qt, MEAN Stake, Mobility, Windows OS, Micro Services and Provide support in Business Concept Visualization, Prototyping with help of Wire frames.
    We continuously improve our Software Development process, empower our employees, maintain financial viability, and use our resources in innovative ways to benefit our customers and staff.


    Our Services

    Logician IT outsourcing & consulting, software development company only delivers industrial-strength software solutions that are designed, tested, and certified to meet the demands of industrial automation applications. We will not release a product until it has successfully passed all stages of our rigorous quality-control process.
    We build, sell, and support the global market from our Indore, India headquarters to ensure the highest quality output. We are looking for new Business Opportunity and IT Outsourcing works.

    Solutions Architecture Design

    Defining Architecture to deliver system in context of a specific solution. Platform like Lambda, Elasticbeanstalk, MEAN Stack, we have hands on Experience on these.

    Strong Data Analytic

    We blend innovative data science tools with research expertise to help you make decisions, make predictions, and make things better.

    Project Managers On Hire

    Project managers can work on pretty much any type of Software, there are types of Software we enjoy doing versus those we can do but prefer not to.

    Software Technology & Services

    DotNet, Xamarin, QT, Android, IOS, PHP, MEAN Stack, AngularJS, RabbitMQ, Thrift, Lambda, Micro-services

    Hybrid IT Software Applications

    Combines best of both the Language, Servers and Hardware. We define hybrid as combination of Language vs Severs vs Hardware.

    Architecture & Framework Design.

    Micro Service, Distributed, Cloud Based, Mean Stack, Aurora, Lambda, SharePoint, MVC5, ZEND, SLIM, HHVM, Django, QT, Coldfusion, SCALA, OpenACS

    About Us

    We As IT Outsourcing & Consulting, Software Company deals in Hybrid Applications, Architecture Design, Mobile Application, Web Application, MEAN Stack, Micro-Services Architecture driven Application.
    Technical Consultant On Hire is Core strength of our Company.

    Value Added Services

    We Logician, As IT Outsourcing & Consulting, Software Development Team Stand with Our customer to understand their business need. We are looking for new Business Opportunity and IT Outsourcing works.

    • Cloud based System Architecture designing and Implementation.
    • Micro Service Architecture designing and Implementation.
    • Help in Business Concept Visualization, Prototyping with help of Wire frames, Revenue Model.
    • Research And Development Software.
    • Bridge Hardware Support And System Integration.
    • Strong Data Analytic and BI.

    Multi Capability

    Customer-focused consultant, expert in leading and contributing to Software designed to enhance system functionality. Acknowledged for capacity to tackle challenging issues, analyse viable alternatives, and provide innovative solutions that reside well within clients financial and time frameworks.

    A resourceful, life-long learner, embracing knowledge as a tool for improved problem-solving effectiveness.

    • Software concept visualization.
    • End to End Software Solutions Consulting.
    • Second Opinion (Technical Consultant) on Hire
    • IOT Hybrid Software Solutions.

    Our Process

    Hire IT Technical Consultant to get Second Opinion on your Software Development Life Cycle
    Make Sure everything is in place with our expert Consultants.













    Fun Facts

    Few Meeting Counts with our Customers and Partners
    We Love to work with every possible customer around the world


    Get in Touch

    Please get in touch with us for any type of IT Outsourcing and Software Development Query or requirement discussion
    We would love to assist you with all of our experience.

    Contact Info

    Logician Infotech (P) Ltd.
    First floor, Sakar bhawan, Ratlam Koti Main road. Near Hotel Omni Palace.
    Above Fedral Bank, Geeta Bhawan, Indore.